PA Film Tax Credit PSA 2013 - longer edit from Steve Parys on Vimeo.

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The Pennsylvania Film Industry Association (PAFIA) is the first and only state-wide trade association for the entertainment industry.



Join us to help to keep film, television, and commercial industry work in Pennsylvania.


The PA Film Industry Incentive

The renewal and improvement of the Film Tax Credit is immensely important to PaFIA and our continued growth within the Commonwealth.




"The first time I came to a PAFIA event, I met George Parra, the executive producer of Silver Linings Playbook, whose career path immensely inspired me and guided me towards many film industry adventures. The second time I came to a PAFIA event, I met Edward Saxon, the producer of Silence of the Lambs, whose story encouraged me to never settle and to go for my dreams. Today, I am one of the PAFIA Board Members and the Chair of the Membership Committee, passionate about this organization's mission and confident that PAFIA is the key to turning my dream into my full-time job."
-- Maria Shamkalian


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